Saturday, June 1, 2013

Bordered Candystripe Bracelet Tutorial

This bracelet is super cute and fun to make. In this tutorial, two new knots are going to be used, the forward-backward knot and the backward-forward knot. So make sure you know how to make them. (check out my tutorial here)

Six pieces of string, two of one color and four other colors. The two of one color will be the "border" color for this bracelet. I'll be using gray, blue, yellow,purple and  orange for this tutorial. Gray is going to be the border color.

Step 1
Cut your strings and start your bracelet anyway you want.

Step 2 
Set up your strings in this order- gray, blue, yellow, purple, orange, gray. (g,b,y,p,o,g)
(grays will be referred to as g1 and g2 for clearer instructions)

Step 3
Take g1 and make a forward-backward knot (fk/bk) onto the blue string

Step 4 
Take your blue string and make forward knots onto y,p,o

Step 5
Take g2 and make a backward-forward knot onto the orange string.

Step 6 
Continue steps 3-6 until your bracelet is the desired length. The gray will not move from their positions, but the colors will alternate positions, like a regular candy stripe.

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