Friday, June 14, 2013

Broken Ladder Bracelet Tutorial

This bracelet is easy to make and super cute! My art class made these and they really enjoyed them. To make this bracelet, you should know how to make the Chinese staircase and chevron. I have tutorials for both of them if you aren't sure how to make them.

You will need 8 pieces of embroidery floss, either 4 colors or 2 colors. I will be using 4 colors and they will be red, orange, yellow, and cream. 

Step 1
Set up your strings like a chevron bracelet. My setup will be 

Step 2 
Make four rows of chevron, which would be one row for each each color. 

Step 3 
Now divide your strings into two groups. That means one of each color will be in a group with a total of 4 strings in a group. 

Step 4
Take the color that was your first row of chevron. For me that is red. Take that string and make 10-15 rows of Chinese staircase. Do that for each group. 

Step 5 
Take the next color and make a row of chevron. The first row will be a bit wonky, but it will even out.

 Make another three rows of chevron. 

Step 6 
Repeat steps 2-5 until your bracelet is the desired length. 

Note: try to keep the color pattern consistent. So if the Chinese staircase is red then the next chevron would be orange. 

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