Monday, May 27, 2013

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle bracelet (the cute version)

This was another really fun bracelet to make and I think I finished it faster than any other alpha bracelet I have made :) It is 14 strings wide and a total of 76 rows. I did not create the pattern; I found it here puffinpie99's pattern on

Here is the other one I made. This one is a bit longer than the one above; it is a total of 86 rows. The only other thing different in this one is that I made the buckle purple instead of green. 

And here is the final bracelet. This one is 81 rows long and the buckle is orange. I also glued on a piece of fabric on the back so the glue wouldn't itch. I really did enjoy making this pattern. But now I have to take a break from this pattern and get going on my bracelet to-do list! 

And here is another bracelet for this pattern! I've made so many of these! This one is 95 rows long and I used gradient backround instead of solid grey.
Sorry for the bad photo quality. It was taken at my friends house and the lighting was off :( 


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