Tuesday, December 31, 2013

Christmas Presents

This year for my friends Christmas presents, I made them all a set of  bracelets. Instead of making them all one, big bracelet, they received a set of three small bracelets. The set included a Chinese staircase, double chain, and a simple braid. I have tutorials for the first two listed below. I made ten christmas presents, which means I made a total of 30 bracelets.
Chinese Staircase
Double Chain  

I came up with various names for my color combos.

1.Under the Sea 
2. Lollipop 

3. Forest 
4. Color Craze 

5. Spring Fling
6. Sunset 

7. Cotton Candy 
8. Playtime. 

9. Smokey Pink
10. Pops of Color 

Sorry about photo quality. My blogger app isn't transferring the pictures clearly :( 

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