Monday, April 15, 2013

Ways to start and end a bracelet

There are many ways to start and end a friendship bracelet, so I am going to give you a list of some of them.

Knot and loose strings
This is the easiest way to start and end a friendship bracelet. Just tie an overhand knot at the beginning, leaving enough string at the top to tie with, make the bracelet and tie another knot at the end.

Braided ends 
This is another easy way to start and end your bracelet. You can do it just like previous way and braid the loose strings or do it like this…
Tape your string to a surface, leaving enough string to braid with. Then make your bracelet until it is the right length for you. Don't tie an overhand knot at the end, just take the strings at the end and braid them. Then take the strings that are at the top and braid them the same way you did for the bottom one. I like braiding it the second way with alpha patterns because it doesn't make the edges curl.

A buckle is a really cool way to start your bracelet. I'm not going to explain them here but I will put some links on some different tutorials. Alicat's tutorial on   spiffehgymnast's tutorial on
To end your bracelet that begins with a buckle, you can make two braids or put a button on the end. I won't explain the button ending but I will post a link. Rose47's tutorial on

V-shaped ending 
I haven't tried this method yet but I have seen pictures and it is really cool! I didn't create this method so I will post a link. faliza's tutorial on


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