Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Chinese staircase

Here is the tutorial on the Chinese staircase.

Six pieces of string(two of each color, three of each color or six different colors) something to hold your bracelet down (examples: clipboard, tape, safety pin.)

Step 1
Cut all your string about your arm length and tie an overhand knot at the top. (Leave enough string before the knot so you can tie the bracelet.)

Step 2
Take one string and make a forward knot around all the other strings.

Step 3
Repeat step 2 ten to fifteen times. Put the string back into the group.

Step 4
Take a different color of string and repeat steps 2&3 

Step 5
Continue steps 2-4 until your bracelet is the length you need it to be. Tie an overhand knot at the end.

Now you have made the Chinese staircase! I hope this tutorial explained to you how to make a Chinese staircase!

You can also make a Chinese staircase with just using one color for the entire bracelet. 

Six pieces of embroidery floss, five of one color and one of another. The five pieces won't be seen (I'll be using black for these) and the one of the color(blue for me) should be extra long. 

Step 1 
Cut your strings and tie an overhand knot at the top. 

Step 2 
Take you long string(blue) and make a forward knot. 

Step 3 
Continue making forward knots until your bracelet is the desired length. You won't make any knots with the other strings (black) for this version. Just with the blue string. 

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